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- John Wayne

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Livestock, Crops, and Grocery Stores

Today is National WTF day.
After you made a face of disapproval, let me explain myself.
WTF, or Where's The Food Without The Farmer, is a movement and an attempt to let the younger generation know where their food comes from.  The hard working farmer is tired of hearing that his/her cotton crop comes from sheep, or that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
It really is absurd when one thinks about it.  Me, thrusting myself into the loop of agriculture, never thought these preposterous things and therefore, knew more about the food industry than the average 16 year old.  I admit, in my senior year as President of my high school's FFA (Future Farmers of America) chapter, most kids I talked to didn't really care where their food comes from.  Not to mention that most kids didn't really know our school had a working farm on campus.  They take food for granted.
Because food comes from the grocery store, right?
The grocery store is one of many destinations food can end up.
With beef, it starts with the cow (female bovine) or steer (castrated male bovine).
With pork, it starts with the hog.
With lamb, it starts with the sheep.
With milk, it starts with the cow.
With fruits/vegetables, it starts with the seed.
With clothing, it starts with the cotton.
Essentially, food starts with the live animal itself or seed.  And with these animals, or livestock, and fruits and vegetables, they need to be mass produced in order to meet the population's needs.  The population is constantly increasing and with more people, there is more hunger, there is more food, and there is more demand.  There is a long process as to where our food comes from.
Please, spread the word that farmers put a lot of effort into feeding the world, feeding the population, feeding you.
And if you say, "Well, then why don't we start depending on other countries for our food supply?"
And my response to that:  Foreign oil.

Take a look at the website promoting WTF and you will come across some facts about Agriculture that may astound you or interest you.  

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  1. I just didn't think about this stuff being a city gal until you became obsesses with it...and now, I'm more knowledgeable regarding where our food comes from. And every chance I get, I spread the word and I've actually made a couple of people think. Eating.... It's like air, you don't think about breathing...you just do it.

    good job kiddo~