"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway"
- John Wayne

Friday, September 23, 2011

Study Time!

I'm on my way out of the hall this morning, 
I open the door to the 3rd floor common room and this is what I see.
Judging by the looks of it, I'd say they were studying math.  And yes, that is an iron on the floor.  
I guess math really pressed them to their limit.

Well I guess i'm off to the gym and then at 10am, I have Dairy Husbandry where I get to learn about milk and the magnificent animal called the cow!

Random fact:  Did you know that a human is supposed to drink about a quart of milk every day?
[assuming he/she doesn't get his/her protein and calcium otherwise]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So there's this thing called college...and a Blog

That's right.  You read it correct.  I'm in COLLEGE now!
That means new beginnings and new experiences that will constantly test my ability to do 3 things.
1)  Time management
2)  Social life
3)  Connections

Time management consists of being able to juggle classes, homework, studying, eating, laundry, showering, hygiene, clubs, extracurricular, gym, groceries, tutoring, etc...
By social life, I mean being able to balance the joys of -ahem- "STUDYING" and the joys of hanging with new friends made right here in my dorm.
Lastly, connections.  This means accomplishing steps 1 & 2, but also not forgetting about what is most important to me: family and friends.  Generally, when it gets right down to it, they will be the ones who will be there for you, no matter what.  And for me as well.

So it's just the first week of classes and I've been pretty dang tired every night.  Even though I've been clocking out at 12am almost every night  (See Step 1).  But I will surely get the jest of things as time goes, and time WILL go.

I'm immensely happy with my college of choice - BEAUTIFUL San Luis Obispo.  It's very pleasant here, with the beach only 20 miles away from campus.  The possibilities for having fun are endless here...hiking, swimming, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, horse back riding (See Step 2), farmer's market, yoga, line dancing, and much, much more!  I know I'll do well here.

And now I'd like to end with a quote that I came across during orientation:

"Success is not permanent, and failure is not final." - Unknown