"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway"
- John Wayne

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kitchen House Rock: "Lazy J's"

HOORAY to my first food recipe post!  And when I mean first food recipe post, I mean MY OWN RECIPE.  And best of all, it's made in the CROCKPOT!

After turning to Ree Drummond and About.com for inspiration, I created my own recipe.
Well, not exactly.

I DID create my own recipe; however, I created it based on what my poor college self had in my poor college cupboards.
It's not all the time I cook for everyone, but when I do, I enjoy it.  I never knew where I found this love of cooking and baking.  But whenever I visit home, my mom always asks me "What's for dinner?" when I definitely remember that I was the one who always asked this.  Just some food for thought.  HA.

Only 2.5 lbs of our lovely ground beef...
For these past 3 months, my roommates and I have housed 25 lbs of ground beef in our freezer.  It was an impulsive purchase at Costco.  It just happened, it was weird.  You walk into Costco and find yourself in awe of all the food in BULK.  You float down the aisles admiring the grand columns of endless quantities of food.  Glorious.  And then you walk out $200 poorer and with a hell of a bunch of food YOU DON'T NEED.  Costco's marketing strategy is quite brilliant, I must say.

Now to the beef:  I've been slowly using the beef to cook for my roommates and I but one can only eat so many burgers...

Yes, I know, "Sloppy Joe's" are a form of burger, but I was lazy and didn't feel like slaving all day to peel potatoes, fry bacon, and grate cheese for potato, bacon, and cheese soup like I did once.
So this would be like my Sloppy Lazy's, Lazy Burgers, Sloppy Burgers, J Burgers, Sloppy J's...LAZY J'S!!! 
I dubbed these "Lazy J's" because I'm so lazy I can't write out J-O-E-'-S"  And I added the lazy just to highlight the fact I felt lazy today.  Pretty nifty how my mind works, huh?

Step 1
Heat up a medium/large skillet on medium.  Throw the garlic into the skillet and swish it around to cook.  Before the garlic starts to brown, throw in all the beef.  Cover and let sit for about 7 minutes.  The meat should begin to brown on its face-up side.  Mix the beef around in the skillet, trying to get the pink side down and cover and let sit for about 3 more minutes or until fully browned.
Throw it in your CROCKPOT.

Step 2
This flavor is an easy way out if you don't have tomato paste or onion.
Gebhardt is by far my FAVORITE Chili Powder!
Can't go wrong with all those additives and processed ingredients!

Throw in the rest of the ingredients!  I suggest the ketchup and sauce first and then the spices.  You can add however much more salt and pepper as you’d like. 

Step 3 
--> Cook lazily on LOW for about 4-6 hours.
Serve lazily on delicious off-brand hamburger buns :)

In case you were wondering, it didn't taste like pasta sauce at all!

Until next time, where I'll be lazily making some sort of breakfast concoction...in my CROCKPOT!

Love, Raquel



  1. Hmmmm....I will leave this to your younger readers who could probably digest it with no issues, at all....if you talk to your Mom, say hi for me...

  2. very nice!!!!

    Auntie Anne